Great Hair, a Coming of Age Song

This first post is inspired by a cousin of mine & her 5 year old self. Her and her luscious strawberry blonde hair. One day, her mom (my aunt) witnessed her singing to herself in front of a full-length public bathroom mirror while flicking her hair left and right. She was singing a song she made up, repeating slowly and the-at-tric-aly “I have really great haaaiiir! I have really great haaaiirr!” (Chants in time with movement) FULL of self admiration and the budding flower that was her vanity. This was the moment she discovered how lucky she was to have that head of hair, and she knew she could use it to her full advantage from then on *queue happy tear* This was a pure moment of self discovery – totally loving herself before anyone or anything could tell her otherwise.

Now listen, I don’t have really great hair; It’s a bit limp for my liking (though it’s the PERFECT base color for dyeing). However, I do have something really great to put in my hair frame (my face). The moral of the story is:

  • If possible, hug your parents daily. You are the clay mold product of their doing. Grandparents are even better so if you can high five them, do it. If you weren’t raised by your bio-praents, that’s OK. Hug whoever you’ve got, they definitely had a major impact on how you hold yourself (hopefully that proud, erect/statuesque) and how you groom.
  • Drive carefully. I drive like a blind slug in order to protect myself and the way I look. Plus, aggressive driving is so unattractive – no matter who you are.
  • There’s nothing wrong with a little mirror time. Spend a few minutes a day finding your best jangle for photos (jaw + angle = jangle)

Sometimes there’s no better way to convey a point than referencing a movie scene. Ask Mary Katherine Gallagher. Here is a scene from one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. SCENE-SEEN. Totally oblivious to others, this flight attendant is having a “great hair” self loving moment:


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  1. Val, thanks for the ‘like’ on the Yoga Dog Blog. And yes, ‘Airplane’ is one of the greatest movies ever made. M.

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