So I have turned my God-awful commute into a one woman show starring myself, written and directed and choreographed and sung and danced by.. myself.  “Allow myself to introduce …myself” I am my biggest fan of my show.  Other fans include little cartoon birdies, the sun, who is always thumbs-upping me with those sweet wayfarers on and last/least – the people in the other cars.  They love me.  That is what I tell myself because if they don’t – I don’t know it!  I have a big metal thing around me and I’m only next to them for, like, a second.

I have an “eclectic” taste for music. Eclectic here means a mish-mash, a hodge-podge,  a plethora(cornucopia) of likes.  I want to share some of these tunes with you because I can, and I believe you will benefit from listening to them on your car stereo or yittle white ear buds.  If not, there is a non moving picture show to accompany said music.

Full disclaimer: dancing and singing that will happen in your own show might earn you one of these from a losery passerby:


Or even a:


Or even a full blown:


Don’t be alarmed, why are you looking around anyway?  Keep your peepers on the road, and high five the sun!  Now for the music.  I will break it down by genre(sort of).

For the ex Britney Spears junky, I give you Kimbra.  She is a kiwi, and she is a female. She has a hot body, and a hot voice.  She definitely needs to be recognized for something other than that Gotye song. Expand your MINNNDS

Electronics peeps –

If you insist on singing along to everything in the car louder than the music(tip for you: other people hate that, sorry). You can do it alone, to this lovely song:

This song by Bruno Mars just doesn’t get old for me, especially because of this video:

OK and last but best, like many artists, Amy Winehouse has released an after-death album.  It has original recordings of many of her songs, and many of her covers that we already know.  Check out her version of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow .  Gives me chills! This next song is the best.  And, I am so vain, this song is about me:

Enjoy the mother-drivin’ show 🙂


yes! weee!

i’m happy

Zara jacket, Kirakira jewelry



  1. Cornucopia is my 5th favorite word, and 2nd favorite drink. Nice choice.

    1. Please tell me a cornucopia search led you here! That’s wild. My 5th favorite word is dongle.

      1. Ha, I had to look up dongle. Although it is a fantastic word, I wish it was something cooler than a computer part. But I’ll add it to my favorite word list, and pretend it has a different definition.

      2. My brain has a field day when it’s used at the office 🙂

  2. ‘Hodge-Podge’ is also a fantastic word/two words. Bravo.

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