People Meet Girls

I have a girl crush on someone.  Well, it’s not really a crush.  I don’t want to be on her, and I definitely don’t want to be her. She doesn’t even really exist. I want to be ME goddammit. Isn’t that obvious?  I have visions of a greater version of myself while watching this character. I want to take it(it=me) up a notch by adopting the traits I like best.

Wanting to be anyone aside from myself is just not part of my program.  But, the vain can definitely benefit from admiring others.  Be your special self, and grab bits and pieces from others that inspire you.  You are your number one, Michael Jackson is not your number one. Like, you don’t want to be Michael Jackson, but you might want to be like him on the dance floor.  That was probably a poor example, given all the fanatics. Oh well. Can you dig it?

The 3 things I like most about this character are as follows, in no particular order:

1. Carefree confidence: I have got the confident thing down, but need to work on the uptight thing. This character is just dripping with bold European swagger. Hey, I’m European(on the floor) too, so I see this working.

2. Dirty-blonde hair. You haven’t seen it look so good since Topanga on Boy Meets World.

3. Facial Expressions. I have uncontrollable facial expressions, and hundreds of them. I swear my puppeteer is trying to ruin me. If I could just learn to harness these expressions and use them for my own good the greater good I swear I could move mountains! Anyway, this character has exhibited a fine, fine skill for expressing silent emotion. I will now reveal the character and show examples. With commentary. Don’t forget to read the captions/commentary.


eck emm I give you

Jemima Kirke, aka Jessa on HBO’s Girls

This look: “you are weak, i own you now”

This look: “don’t be schoopid, listen to me”(she’s British)

This look: “Rayylllyy??” Do you like my accent?

This look: “You ah such a ‘C U next Tuesday'”

OK you get the picture, or the point, rather and I’m starting to feel like a stalker. I don’t own a TV but I do watch shows online based on recommendations from trustworthy sources.  This is a good show.  Great writing.

The moral of the story here is, well, thou shalt not be thy neighbor, but you can definitely use them as inspiration! Think about who inspires you. You can read more about why I’m over-confident here. YAY!

I should include these shout-outs: HBO, Girls, Lena Dunham





  1. Lol, I can’t believe you just dropped a Topanga reference. That’s awesome. I’ve never seen “Girls”. Ha don’t think I’m the demographic for that, but I did see Tiny Furniture. Thought it was pretty decent.

    1. Same writer as Tiny Furniture(Lena Dunham) She stars in both, too. So.. you never know! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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