Funny Friday has Frowned Upside Down

Everyone deserves to get a good laugh in, especially on a Friday.  I’ve put together the following photo gallery for your viewing pleasure.  I hope these little pics bring you the same giggle they brought me. If they don’t make you giggle, I hope they strike an emotional nerve, be it anger or fear or sadness, whatever – just recognize it for what it is and embrace it. I’m talking like my yoga instructors, sometimes it’s fun to talk like that(and get out of your shit-outlook comfort zone?).

Hope you enjoyed it.  I will leave you with a lovely photograph taken by my boyfriend of where we will spend our weekend. You should definitely be jealous. He and I will take some pictures, mostly of me, which I will share next week. Cheers! (oh – you should have a good weekend too. let your hair down)

VW smug

gallery images from all over the double-ya double-ya double-ya



  1. missbeenicole · · Reply

    Oh my god! That Shel Silverstein poem used to be my favorite in the whole book! Would it be weird to have it framed? It gives me such joy…

    1. not weird at all, I think it would give whatever wall you hung it on great character 😀

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