Look at Me: Long Island

Ladies and Gentlemen, Listen up: you need to see these photographs from my weekend. Why? Well why the hell wouldn’t you? (I like to keep people around me a little bit confused most of the time. Here I used a question to answer a question – one of my fave tricks). My stylish weekend begins.

Quogue, NY

Straw hat, vintage; shades, Karen Walker

Above sunnies are so John Lennon chic

tee, Chaser; skirt, Urban Outfitters

Above: Don’t you just love how that dainty little skirt softens the blow of the graphic Slayer tee?  This shirt, by the way, is the most comfortable one I own.

dress, Nasty Gal; loafers, Charles Philip

Why won’t anyone hang out with me?? JUST KIDDING!

tote, Artiga; porch, happy

pants, Bonobos

So this photo doesn’t do the pants justice. They are butt-tasticBelow is a better photo from the Bonobos website.  They have great clothes for the casual chic guy 🙂

Take a look at them apples, I mean pants…

I know what you’re thinking: That girl is wild and crazy. Well shut up, I’m trying to take more pictures in general. We did lots of fun boating and surfing and grilling but it’s always a challenge in social settings what with climbing around like a monkey to get good angles and dealing with the fact that people are trying to ignore you but can’t and they feel uncomfortable inside because they hate being photographed and they can’t pay attention to what they’re doing, etc. I’m getting over it slowly. Anyway, Cheers beautiful children.  More action photos later. Please comment and try to top my beachy keen weekend, if you are so inclined.


word up: Snapseed


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