Wannabe in the know?

I’ve got to do this before it’s too late.  My uncle gave me the Spice Girls “Wannabe” single in 1996 and told me they would soon be the biggest thing since sliced bread.  I was at an awkward “am I cool? what is cool?” age and I was too afraid to say anything.  I just listened to it in my room, angry for loving it. Of course then a year later The Spice Girls rocked our worlds here in the US and I’d always wished that I was the first to say something (small scale here people, don’t get all worked up – I’m just talking about being the queen of my friends, not the music industry).

Since the age of nine, I’ve grown some balls, and an internet voice.  I need to announce to whoever will read, that Kimbra will be the next big thing to hit the US of A. That is all. If you read it here first, then you definitely heard it here first. She rocks and is hot and she knows it and that is what I’m all about y’all. Check out this video from SXSW 2012 of her pressing lots of buttons and making cool music:

If you like what you hear, I recommend listening to “Good Intent” and “Warrior” off the album Vows. I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking… the only appropriate thing to think at a time like this:

Slam your body down and wind it all around
Slam your body down and zigazig ah


Oh wait, in other music news No Doubt just released the first single off their upcoming album Push and Shove. The singe is titled “Settle Down.” Same title as the Kimbra song above! Coincidence? I don’t think so. Great minds? I think so. Listen here.



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  1. clownonfire · · Reply

    Holy shit this is great! A few years back, I caught Bill Frisell who played solo at the Jazz Fest. He recorded a few loops himself, and back then, I thought to myself: Holy Shit.
    So, there. Holy Shit indeed.
    Le Clown

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