The Vain: Morning Routine

Sometimes I take photos of myself before I leave for work in the morning for these 2 reasons-

a. that’s the best I’m going to look all day

b. when I’m old, how else am I going to remember that I looked cute for non-special occasions, too?

Don’t you just love how old fashioned-y these look? Yippee!

I usually don’t make a habit of sitting on the dining room table, but I’m alone in my apartment this week sO iM bReAkInG aLl ThE rUlEzz. I want to see your morning!




  1. missbeenicole · · Reply

    Those shoes. I want.

    1. or.. they want you!

  2. Lol!So true about looking your best in the am, I am a disheveled, sweaty (it’s hot where I live) mess at the end of the day. Your shoes are so sick! I love them.Awesome photography too, first one is my fave, looks like a fashion mag pic:)

    1. thank you thank you darling. the shoes were on sale on shopbop, but when i went to post, they were all gone 😦 and i’m very flattered, thanks for your sweet comments 🙂

  3. love your shoes! Also you’ve got great style! xxx

    1. Thank you *big grin* thanks for reading. I’ve been having a field day on your blog!

      1. Thanks babe! Love your blog!!! xxx

  4. Amazing pictures, and I love your shoes! 😀 xxx

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