Do your Earrings Hang Low?

Bold and bright bib necklaces are all the rage these days. I have been crying into my pillow over this one by DANNIJO for about a month now.  Maybe I need the other kind of bib, instead. Like for babies, that cry and whine and drool on themselves. …And just like those fancy necklaces can spruce up an uber-plain tee, statement earrings can do the same for a bad hair day, a bad face day(you know what I’m talking about ladies) or a humdrum outfit.  I, for one, prefer to have things dangling from my lobes rather than wrapped around my neck. GONE ARE THE DAYS of ear piercings up the wahzoo! Though I kept my tragus done to seem a little rough around the edges(look THAT word up). For this look you just need a head with ears and one hole per ear, not even!  Think: clip-ons.  I will now show you my favorite earrings of 2012. Here to model said earrings: me!

Earrings: push by PUSHMATAaHA, similar here

Wow look at that jugular vein go!

EXTREME CLOSE UP! Earrings: Miguel Ases

For work, statement danglers go so well with a simple pulled back ‘do a la Grace Kelly and an LBD.  For play,do whatever the hell you want – that’s what play is!





  1. clownonfire · · Reply

    20 years ago, I would have rocked these earrings.
    Le Clown

  2. I usually wear dreamcatcher earrings, but these are good too.

    1. those are great for sleep-walkers!

  3. My earrings dont hang low. But only because my ears aren’t pierced.

    1. For that i prescribe a needle and some ice.

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