I Am What I Wear: Young

I’m 25.58 years old and it seems to me that now is the time when everyone starts pissing their pants about the slow and saggy march toward death away from birth. Everywhere I turn children my age are running down aisles and squirting out little humans. Not to mention the quarter life *what the hell is my path* crises. I encourage you to chillax. Remember, forever is a long time. Maybe it’s not fair to speculate since I know I’m going to age gracefully, like a swan…or a lake?

For the time being, I am opting out of huge life-changing decision making. Instead I’m going to wrap myself in tight fabrics and explore some creative outlets, while embracing/raping each precious moment that I live sans major responsibility.

Look at this fun dress x2:

Clover Canyon Hang Ten Body Con Tank Dress

While aggressively gripping my  lower torso(much like an 8th grade boyfriend) for me the colorful graphic designs also represent 3 important aspects of youth that we should celebrate. Have I lost you? Yes? good great wonderful!

Section 1: blue, pink & white stripes symbolize the joy of youth & a sweet, vulnerable naiveté

Section 2: black & white stripes (while intimidating, being horizontal and in the torso area) represent simplicity, or freedom from worry

Section 3: the feather and neon design exhibits a free spirit, perhaps one that’s a bit wild

Put them all together and you get a sexy & exciting little number. I am wearing my teens! I hope you’re ready for the pop quiz…An aside: Do you think they’re called body con dresses because they are so tight?As in, body-conscious?hehe PROBABLY NOT. Have another look.

BUT WAIT….there’s MORE!

If you like the tight fabric theme here and want to get some really fresh and killer threads, visit Black Milk Clothing and try not to love it. I dare you. I quite literally wear my heart on my sleeve whenever I put on my muscles-legs:

Neat, huh?




  1. clownonfire · · Reply

    That last picture… Slim Goodbody.
    Le Clown

    1. thank you, le sir

      1. clownonfire · ·

        I should have put it in quotation marks, and suggested you google “Slim Goodbody”. I’ll accept the thank you nonetheless.
        Le Clown

      2. clownonfire · ·

        You were also blogrolled.
        Le Clown

  2. LOVE this dress. I think Emily from Cupckaes and Cashmere wore it on her blog, too!

  3. You are quite hilarious! I love your take on life and wearing your youth! You have a new follower, dear.

    1. I love that you think that! Party time! Your blog is beautiful. I follow back meow.

  4. Muscle leg pants blew my brain. There’s too much in this world I don’t know about.

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