Look at Me: Cape Cod

The Cod of Cape is Massachusetts’ version of the Hamptons. Lucky for me, in this life I am living I get to frequent them both throughout the year. Suckaassszzz. While I rejoice in this magical existence, I document through pictures (moving pictures too, but I’m not ready to lose that virginity yet). Please enjoy the show.

me, Mara Hoffman bikini

Harwich, MA


that little blip is my parents 🙂


the only thing better than an outdoor shower is…. YOU TELL ME

the fetal position? uh…shut up, this is my art!

Crabs galore with elephantitis of the (one) claw; It’s their Arnold claw

happy to see me, eh?

Good stuff, huh? Look at this kick ayyuss photo collages I made using an iPhone app I discovered from reading this post. In the words of Gwen Stefani: Hella good….(she must have invented that phrase, right?)

Marconi Beach, Wellfleet, MA

Marconi Beach

I’m going to get fired from my “day job” if I keep fuzzing with pictures all day. Anywho… if you’re in the Cap Cod area, I suggest you travel to the funny bone of the arm that is the cape. AKA Chatham, MA. It’s not that funny but it is cool and I found an amaaazzing store that has nothing useful or practical in it, which is shit that I love. It’s called Yankee Ingenuity. It’s right on Main Street. If you miss it, I can’t help you, you are an idiot. Here are the things I bought:

fish art made out of driftwood by a local artist! I’m naming him Stew after fish stew

F-U! I’m a spoon.

starfish bracelet! It’s gold. The only kind of pet I can handle.

OK I didn’t buy the spoon, but it’s funny. Finally I’d like to point out the horrendous spelling in the rental house. Why can’t anyone spell good?… 😉 Funny post on that kinda thing here.

*cringe* I promptly turned it off in protest. OK Goodbye friends!




  1. Beautiful Post !

    1. yay! thanks.

      1. Welcome dear:D

  2. Sucured. Awesome.

  3. very inspiring post:) xx

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