A Girls Guide to Mountain Manliness

Despite what you may think, glamorous women (such as myself) can be, you know, one of the guys – so to speak.  If not one of the guys, we can be chill. Let this be a lesson in sitting on ice. Learning to relax is a good way to eliminate drama. If you’re anything like me, you know that a little bit of  drama is a LOT of headache, who cares?  Let’s just get on with who we are and what we’re doing to love the people around us, and love ourselves and make a difference, yadda yadda yadda. If anyone knows how to kick back and live off the land, it’s dudes, dudes in mountains. I’m going to use my latest and greatest adventure to show you an extreme version of laying back.  I’m going to transform into a mountain man and I’m going to use visual aids to show you how it’s done.  Behold the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains.

  • hang out: do it on ledges, trees, rooftops; if you’re almost literally hanging, you’re bound to be comfortable

  • slow down and notice the little things

  • add water: whether it’s a lake, waterfall or a babbling brook water can be very calming

  • build fires, multiple; get your Tarzan on

  • play games, drink scotch; repeat

  • surround yourself with good-looking hairy men(self explanatory)

  • add Vitamin D: Here I am, summoning the sun

  • chop wood to put some blood(optional) and sweat into your daily routine; stand up while you’re doing it, though

  • be fearless: throw caution to to wind and jump off a rope swing, or hold hands with a bear

  • add dogs preferably a hunting breed

  • wear hats whenever possible to limit distractions

What heaven… There’s nothing like getting away to remember that we wouldn’t die without make-up and more than one outfit, and that it’s OK to bathe in lakes and wear bathing suits as underwear.  I like to get into it fully when the time and place is right, then bounce back to glam mode for the regular routine.




  1. haha, I love the ‘hairy men’ part! ♡

    1. YES! That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Thanks for reading.

  2. Hahaha love this post. SO creative and the images are gorgeous!

    1. I’m blushing!

  3. great photos! Makes me wanna go there:)

  4. Fantastic post! Sometimes you just need to be with the dudes to bring you back to earth. It looks like you had a fantastic time with your hairy men. 🙂

  5. Stop actually living and write more, please. Beautiful pics-hot mountain men. Day is made.

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