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Funny Friday Fotoz

Here is a hand-picked collection of some of my favorite funny photographs as of late. There is a lot more to come… Click to enlarge. Most found on Reddit. HAVE A GREAT DAY HAMBURGLARS VALedictions, -VW Advertisements


Hello So I have turned my God-awful commute into a one woman show starring myself, written and directed and choreographed and sung and danced by.. myself.  “Allow myself to introduce …myself” I am my biggest fan of my show.  Other fans include little cartoon birdies, the sun, who is always thumbs-upping me with those sweet […]

Positivity Tipped the Hat

**Insert Father’s Day post here** Just kidding! Hats off to ye ole glass-half-full yokels. I need to shift gears today, and take the focus from my self and direct it toward… my maker(close enough, right?)!  The most valuable lesson I have learned from watching my amazing and admired father live is that positivity is key […]

Sunglasses Hot

I recently discovered that “Sunglasses Hot” is a term used by some clever high-school boys to describe girls who they find more attractive with their shades ON. I don’t know if it will catch on, but let me tell you, I think that is just about the most pathetically sweet thing I’ve  ever HEARD. It […]

Great Hair, a Coming of Age Song

This first post is inspired by a cousin of mine & her 5 year old self. Her and her luscious strawberry blonde hair. One day, her mom (my aunt) witnessed her singing to herself in front of a full-length public bathroom mirror while flicking her hair left and right. She was singing a song she […]