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A Girls Guide to Mountain Manliness

Despite what you may think, glamorous women (such as myself) can be, you know, one of the guys – so to speak.  If not one of the guys, we can be chill. Let this be a lesson in sitting on ice. Learning to relax is a good way to eliminate drama. If you’re anything like […]

Look at Me: Cape Cod

The Cod of Cape is Massachusetts’ version of the Hamptons. Lucky for me, in this life I am living I get to frequent them both throughout the year. Suckaassszzz. While I rejoice in this magical existence, I document through pictures (moving pictures too, but I’m not ready to lose that virginity yet). Please enjoy the […]

I Am What I Wear: Young

I’m 25.58 years old and it seems to me that now is the time when everyone starts pissing their pants about the slow and saggy march toward death away from birth. Everywhere I turn children my age are running down aisles and squirting out little humans. Not to mention the quarter life *what the hell […]

Do your Earrings Hang Low?

Bold and bright bib necklaces are all the rage these days. I have been crying into my pillow over this one by DANNIJO for about a month now.  Maybe I need the other kind of bib, instead. Like for babies, that cry and whine and drool on themselves. …And just like those fancy necklaces can […]

All Aboard: Chuckle Train

Hey! How did that adorable picture get there? This is supposed to be a post about funny memes, etc. My parents told me I am was too big of a brat to be a child model. I think they were just blowing smoke up my ass. After all, it wasn’t until I got to school […]

The Vain: Morning Routine

Sometimes I take photos of myself before I leave for work in the morning for these 2 reasons- a. that’s the best I’m going to look all day b. when I’m old, how else am I going to remember that I looked cute for non-special occasions, too? Don’t you just love how old fashioned-y these […]

Comme des F**ckdown

Why the hostile title? No reason, I saw it on a tee shirt recently, and I think it sends a positive message. Moving right along – so much time, so little to do! Strike that, reverse it(name that movie). I went to Montreal last weekend with a few of my cronies primarily for the Festival […]

Dancing Eyeballs

I am not a photographer, or even a wannabe photographer.  I just like when things make my eyeballs do a little salsa dance inside my head.  So, last weekend a made some art that I like, and you will too (as long as you enjoy the beach and if you don’t, what’s wrong with you?). […]

Look at Me: Long Island

Ladies and Gentlemen, Listen up: you need to see these photographs from my weekend. Why? Well why the hell wouldn’t you? (I like to keep people around me a little bit confused most of the time. Here I used a question to answer a question – one of my fave tricks). My stylish weekend begins. […]

Has Anyone Ever Told You…

So yesterday I got a manicure at a salon that I don’t frequently visit.  It is hard to get to, and I’m not crazy about the staff. I went with my mom once upon a time and as we were getting our nails done side by side, one of the manicurists told me I was […]